Autism Seminar
with Dr Wenn Lawson

Saturday 25 April 2020

It is with great regret that we report that this event has now been cancelled. Dr Wenn has had to cancelled his UK tour due to the current coronavirus outbreak. He is hoping to be able to reorganise the tour in 2021.

Full refunds have been made to all those who have booked for this event through whatever payment method they used (i.e. Credit/Debit card or PayPal).

10.45am to 12.30pm:
Communication and Sensory Issues for those on the autism spectrum

Communication is often thought of as an exchange in mutually understood language where all concerned parties feel privy to the same information, with equal opportunity to share their views and feel acknowledged by another. What happens when those concerned don’t speak the same language, don’t speak at all, have different sensory perceptions of things they see, hear, smell and feel and/or cannot multi-task outside of their own interests? What is synaesthesia? Is it more common in autism? Do AS girls experience their autism differently to the boys? Who is more likely to have sensory issues and how will this impact upon communication in autism?

This workshop will explore the above in depth, using available research, personal stories and anecdotes, video and practical hands on examples.

1.30pm to 3.15pm:
Understanding stress related responses (challenging behaviour) of AS individuals and suggestions for support

Relationships, whether formal, informal, familiar or otherwise, all need to be negotiated. Typically developing individuals seem to have little difficulty with communicating needs, wants and desires. They are usually appropriate and can tick the right boxes.

Being AS (on the autistic spectrum) however, means we understand the world differently. This will mean a clash in the social arena. Social demand and interaction for AS individuals is a nightmare and often leads into some stress related responses, often thought of as ‘challenging behaviour'.

This presentation explores AS, social demand and alternative communication interventions that bridge some of the gaps so AS individuals can truly be involved with an inclusive society. These include building understanding of Object Permanence and emotion-regulation via interoception.

Dr Wenn B Lawson PhD CPsychol
Dr Wenn, an autistic lecturer, psychologist, researcher, advocate, writer and poet has passionately shared his professional and personal knowledge of autism for 25 years. He has written and/or contributed to over 25 books and many papers. He is Senior Consultant, Complex Support with the Complex Needs Team, Disability Policy & Programs, Education Department SA Government, Tutor for the University of Birmingham’s Masters Autism course, participant with the Autism Co-operative Research Centre (ACRC), Co-Chair of the Autism Research Council Australia, member of the ‘I CAN’ board, Australia, and residing on the Editorial Board for the Journal, Autism in Adulthood. Dr Wenn is a family man with autistic adult offspring and autistic grandchildren. In 2017 he presented to the United Nations on matters of Autism and ageing

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