Southampton Support and Social Groups

These groups meet at:

St Patrick's Church Hall, Portsmouth Road, Woolston, Southampton, SO19 9BD (entrance in Porchester Road).

Occasionally they meet at other venues for activities - for dates see our Diary dates page.

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They provide somewhere to have a chat, meet other people, share your experiences, make new friends and gain information from the experiences of others. Share advice and information about services and facilities available for children and adults with autism and together influence attitudes about autism.

They also provide social activities for all the family - for example, outings and club facilities.

Refreshments and items from our resource library are also available.

Adults' social group

A friendship group has been set up for adults and older teenagers (16+) to meet fortnightly during term time on Tuesdays from 7.00 to 9.00pm.

We ask for a donation of £1 for a non-working adult or carer and £2 for a working adult to cover costs plus the cost of activity or social outings when arranged.

Children's and Teenagers' social groups

The Children's and Teenagers' groups meet fortnightly during term time on Tuesdays from 6.00 to 8.00pm            

We ask for a donation of £1 for the first child of a family, then 50p each extra per child, to cover costs plus the cost of activity or social outings when arranged. Parents are £2 (if working) or £1 (if not working).

The Teenage social group (for young people up to age 16) runs alongside our children’s group. Activities being planned include an art/craft activity available at each session, along with gaming (maybe design programmes too) via laptops. There will also be a specialist activity each session, such as photography, make up tutorials, drama, cooking skills, etc.

Please note:
In order to ensure the safety and security of all those taking part in this activity and to comply with our insurance obligations, our safeguarding and child protection policy, and the conditions of hire of this facility we ask that you observe the following:

  • Parents must remain responsible for their children/young people and must remain in the same room as them at all times
  • Volunteer helpers who are running this activity are not responsible for supervising children/young people
  • Children/young people are not allowed in the kitchen
  • Children/young people are not allowed to help themselves to equipment from the storage room.  They need to ask an adult if they need anything.
  • Please respect the facilities (which we use at very low cost) and report any accidental damage immediately to one of our helpers
  • We ask that an adult accompanies their child/young person to the toilet
  • Please speak to a helper if you need to access a "chill out room" to help support your child/young person
  • This club is available to branch member families only, therefore if you haven’t yet joined, please complete a membership form or complete a form at the club on your first visit.

For further information contact:
Sue on 023 8043 2612
Tracey on 07532 282301 or
Email the group at



The South Hampshire Branch is a self-funded branch of the National Autistic Society and run entirely by volunteers.

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